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Silvered Metal Lidded Box

Silvered metal lidded box of a circular form.
Designed into two detached sections, finely handcrafted and decorated with scrollwork designs with a yellow amber stone on the top lid and lots of great detail.
Berber Kabyle box container.
Made of silver tone metal with filigree scales with a coral stone.
A beautiful antique example of a traditional box handcrafted by Berber Women in Kabylie, Algeria.
The circular container is richly decorated with detailed raised filigree silver work.
Decorated with an amber color cabochon on the cover top.
An amazing collector’s piece due to its rarity and the beauty of its intricate workmanship.
Collector box in very good condition for its age.
Origin: Algeria (Haute Kabylie),
circa 1950s.
Size: 2" height x 1.25" diameter.

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