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19th C. Moroccan Ceramic Bowl Polychrome Footed Dish Fez

Antique 19th C. Moroccan Ceramic Bowl Polychrome Footed Dish Fez.

A 19th-century antique ceramic footed bowl from Morocco, Fez, showcases the exquisite artistry of Mokhfia polychrome pottery.
The bowl boasts a deep rounded form with a flattened rim, resting gracefully on a low foot.
This under-glazed piece is hand-painted with a captivating blend of green teal, blue, ochre, and brown hues, while the interior features a lively polychrome design.
The abstract patterns in blue and ochre, complemented by turquoise accents, create a visually stunning effect.
The Mokhfia design, known as " the tortoises," is skillfully rendered in polychrome earthenware on a beige and brown base.
The radiant decoration includes a central rosette with five punctuated petals, crowned by five cells surrounded by gridded bands.
This Moroccan masterpiece, polychrome shallow ceramic footed bowl, handcrafted with a stylized floral pattern on the inside, stands as a museum-quality piece.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail reflect the cultural richness of Fez, Morocco.
This antique treasure, originating from the 19th century, embodies the Moorish, Persian, Islamic, and Orientalist styles prevalent during that period.
Rich colors for an undeniable Islamic feel and striking display.
Condition: Slight chips, Wear, crazing and some losses, rim chips, otherwise in good condition.
Hole of suspension to the pedestal.
Museum quality Moroccan Antique Moorish Bowl.
Dimensions: 11.5 in. diameter x 5.5 in. Height.


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