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Polished Brass Islamic Moorish Style Desk Inkwells Set

Early 20th century desk set, rare and great quality Mamluk Cairoware style, silver and copper inlaid brush and inkwell holder and ink blotter rocker, features a wood base with ornate top and knob finely handcrafted and overlay with three different metal. Handmade in the Middle East Damascus, Syria, overlay with Islamic Arabic calligraphy writing, very fine Middle Eastern metalwork.

This Syrian brass desk set is made of polished brass inlaid with silver and copper, with a double ink holder in a Moorish ottoman style architecture with moon final, on a rectangular base and a pen or brush holder.

Measures: Blott rocker is 5"5 x 3" x 2"5 H.

Original Double jar Inkwell made in Damascus work technique with detailed silver inlaid ornamentation.

From Syria Damascus. late19th, early 20th Century.

Revival of the old Mameluke style. The craftsmen inlaid softer metals such as silver and gold into harder metals commonly copper and brass.

Such metal works items exemplify the Mameluke revival period, taking ordinary metal and inlaying it to create an impressive and high-status item. Such inkwells (especially double Jars) are extremely rare and where so wanted and praised to eventually attract fine French jewelers and metal-smiths to produce similar (usually in pierced brass but not silver inlaid) to the Islamic markets in the middle east. This demonstrates the rarity and unique quality of such jar inkwells.

Great brass decorative Islamic art object.