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Yoruba Nigeria African Royal Beaded Headdress Crown

West African hand beaded headdress crown from Yoruba, Nigeria.

This artistic beautiful and functional art piece is covered with beads in ivory, red, blue, green, yellow and black colors with a face in front and ten bird’s sculptures.

The Yoruba tribes of Nigeria are some of Africa's most famous artisans.

Made only for kings, this crown is made of thousands of tiny beads.

Their beaded crowns are testaments to this artisanal tradition.

Considered direct media to the gods, Yoruban King’s were enshrined in beads to represent their status, birds to denote their ability to cross into the spirit realms, and low-hanging tassels to remind others they were in the presence not of a man, but of a spiritually unique being.

Mounted on a custom steel stand, this conical crown is a spirited sculptural tribal object.


Crown is 20" Height x 10" diameter

The drop beads strings are 16" long.

The total height is: 47" height

The metal stand is 5" x 6" square.