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Wood and Brass Antique 19th Century Middle Eastern Camel Seat Saddle

Antique, 19th century Asian Middle Eastern collector two person wooden camel saddle with ornate brass mountings and iron reinforcements.
19th Century Middle Eastern metal camel saddle frame.
Iron and brass over wood frame wavy decorations on saddle rest.
Finely crafted with teak wood, intricate copper alloy and iron this was used to ride camels in the Middle East.
This seat will be placed over a thick blanket on the camel back and two people will ride on the camel.
Saddles of similar design were used by Napoleon`s Dromedary Regiment during his Egyptian campaigns between 1798 and 1801.
(Regiment des Dromadaires)
Circa 1800, Collector Museum item.
Campagne d'Égypte. A late 18th century Egyptian campaign camel saddle.
Provenance: NOTE
Similar example in the Army Museum at the Hotel National des Invalides, Paris.
Could be use as a sculpture, wall decoration.