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Vintage Silk Brocade Japanese Wedding Kimono

A vintage midcentury ivory color silk brocade collectable Japanese ceremonial wedding kimono.

One of a kind handcrafted fabulous museum quality ceremonial piece in pure silk with intricate detailed hand-embroidery throughout accented with floral gold and silver lame threads work that depicts, trees, flowers and leaves designs in gold, silver, green, red, all of them traditional symbols of prosperity and auspiciousness.

Vintage Japanese kimono features gorgeous polychromatic floral embroidery on an ombré silk ground. Bright reddish-orange silk lining.

The Uchikake is another wedding kimono a girl will wear during her wedding, like the Shirokakeshita it has a padded hem and Furisode sleeves. The Uchikake wedding kimono usually have very elaborate designs, either painted, embroidered or woven in. Most likely all of the above. Generally has a red base and very highly colored patterns, but can also be all white.

Unlike the Shirokakeshita it has a colorful design, It’s worn more like a coat, over the Shirokakeshita or the Kakeshita and does not have an obi tied around it.

The hem will be held up by the bridesmaids while the bride is walking down the isle.

It is supposed to trail along the floor, this is also why it is heavily padded along the red hem.

Fully lined with red fabric.

Made in Japan, circa 1950s.

Neck-to-sleeve's cuff's hem measures 22 1/4",

Collar width is 4 3/4",

Collar length is 75",

Sleeve's length is 41",

Cuff's opening circumference is 17",

Sleeve width is 13"5,

Hem measures 52",

Underarm circumference is 54",

Underarm-to-hem is 65 1/2".