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Vintage Miao Paktong Ceremonial Collar Necklace on Stand, Laos

Vintage Miao Hmong ceremonial mix silver collar necklace 8 rings torque

Vintage Miao Hmong ceremonial mix silver collar necklace on custom stand, Laos.

This beautiful Miao Hmong ceremonial mix silver Necklace would be a wonderful addition to your collection, home or to simply treasure for yourself.

Comes with a stand. A real piece of stand alone folk art.

Miao Paktong ceremonial necklace from the HMong Village "Luang Pranbang", Necklace Collar with intricate and detail work from the Hill Tribe people of Southeast Asia.

The Miao are an ethnic minority group of people in China. They inhabit mainly the southwest region of the country. The Paktong Miao silver is not pure silver, but an alloy of silver, copper and nickel closely resembling silver.. It’s a traditional material for making jewelry by craftsmen of Miao Hmong ethnic tribe.

Miao Hmong silver jewelry is distinctive for its design, style and craftsmanship. Miao Hmong silver jewelry is completely handmade with decorative patterns . Miao Hmong people think silver accessories have spirits. The silver jewelry is all made by hand, this process to make to the silver simple natural, full of nostalgic charm. Silver ornaments have been an important part of the Miao culture for over 400 years where it is customary for Miao women to adorn themselves for festivals and celebrations and especially for their wedding day. Miao families begin collecting silver jewelry for their daughters as infants, keeping it in a special wooden box in anticipation of her wedding day, when she displays her finery for the whole village. A wedding costume often includes several of exquisitely fashioned silver necklaces that represents beauty, wealth and dignity and is believed to ward off evil. The jewelry is passed down from generation to generation. This is a beautiful piece of Miao Culture.

Miao, mountain-dwelling peoples of China, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, and Thailand, who speak languages of the Hmong-Mien (Miao-Yao) family.

Miao is the official Chinese term for four distinct groups of people who are only distantly related through language or culture: the Hmu people of southeast Guizhou, the Qo Xiong people of west Hunan, the A-Hmao people of Yunnan, and the Hmong people of Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangxi, and Yunnan (see China: People). There are some nine million Miao in China, of whom the Hmong constitute probably one-third, according to the French scholar Jacques Lemoine, writing in the Hmong Studies Journal in 2005.