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Tapis Berberes du Maroc, Berber Carpets from Morocco Table Book

Tapis Berberes du Maroc, in French. The high artistic value of the carpet of the Berber tribes has already inspired artists like Paul Klee and Le Corbusier. This book presents -the new designs on the beginnings of the Berber carpet and on the origin and meaning of its patterns. The authentic Berber carpet does not descend from the well-known oriental carpets of the Islamic era; but the similarity of the technique of knotting and of certain Motifs indicates common roots, which go back to the Neolithic period of Asia Minor. Away from the great civilizations of Antiquity and far from the cultural exchanges of the Silk Road, the Berber carpet, in the mountainous regions of the Atlas and the Atlantic plains, has kept its originality. This predestined him more than any other to the explanation of symbols from their origin. Since textiles do not stand the test of time and there are no chains of convincing pieces across the centuries and millennia, it is here, for the first time, that an author presents the results. in-depth comparative studies. He brings the patterns of the Berber carpet closer to the signs of cave art and artefacts from the first human cultures; it demonstrates that the Berber carpet knows the same principles in the use of signs and forms and that we discover an astonishing resemblance, or even correspondence, with the phenomena of the Upper Paleolithic of Europe and of the Neolithic of the East and of the Mediterranean basin. Thus, the Berber carpet can be considered as the last authentic testimony of this archaic world. The abstract and geometric language of the Berber carpet is originally derived from the body and the form and function of the human sexual organs. It is based on duality; and the meeting of the two sexes becomes the expression of a magic of fertility which, formerly, was universal and included all nature. Artistic creation of the Berber woman, her carpet reflects above all the phases of her life and the experience of her sexual life: as a virgin, as a new bride, the union with the man, pregnancy and childbirth. The work does not stop with the interpretation of textiles. Detailed analysis of documents and comparison with other fields of science: rock art, statuary, ceramics, architecture, linguistics, etc. cause symbolism in general to be concerned. The book is written in a way that everyone can understand. It is not only aimed at carpet lovers and specialists, archaeologists and ethnologists, but all those interested in the origins of art and for whom the deciphering of symbolic language brings in-depth knowledge and understanding. true meaning. Berber carpets from Morocco: the symbolism, origins and meaning (french) BERBER RUG FROM MOROCCO - SYMBOLIQUE (LA) FORMER ED. BARBATTI BRUNO PUBLICATION DATE: 08/11/2006 EDITOR: ACR NUMBER OF PAGES: 344 IN SUMMARY : The book TAPIS BERBERES DU MAROC - SYMBOLIQUE (LA) ANCIENNE ED., Written by BARBATTI BRUNO, published by ACR Symbolism: origin and meanings comparison with other media: rock art, statuary, ceramics, architecture, linguistics . Hardcover: 344 pages Product Dimensions: 12" x 10" x 1.75". Publisher: Art Création Réalisation - ACR (July 1, 2006) Language:: French Box 336pp. 450 photos. Great collector table book, hardcover.