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Ottoman Mameluke Decorative Copper Rosewater Perfume Sprinkler

Turkey, 19th century, antique handcrafted ottoman Moorish decorative copper rosewater perfume sprinkler.
Embossed and hand chased, engraved and punched decoration to body with floral and geometric Islamic Moorish designs with screw-able top with fluted band, pierced finial.
A perfume or rosewater sprinkler that is characterized by a slightly elevated base, a pear-shaped body and an elongated neck - the neck decorated with a composition of intertwined vegetal leaf motifs. Inscription in thuluth script adorns the lower portion of the bottle.
The body of the sprinkler is decorated with floral decorations of lotus blossoms interrupted by roundels containing rosettes.
Great collector antique 19th century Islamic Mamluk Revival metal ware.