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Living in Morocco Vivre au Maroc Hardcover Book – June 5, 2003

Living in Morocco Vivre au Maroc Hardcover Book – June 5, 2003.

By Stoeltie, Barbara and Rene Stoeltie.

Even if it is enough to cross the Mediterranean to get there, even if it is located only a stone's throw from the southern extremity of Spain, Morocco seems to us to be light years away. Its mountain ranges and its deserts, its labyrinthine souks, its exquisite cuisine, its magnificent carpets and textiles, its brightly colored mosaics, the omnipresent smell of spices and its fascinating music make Morocco an infinitely attractive destination, and one never ceases to praise the hospitality of its inhabitants. Exploring the myth more deeply, Barbara and René Stoeltie offer us a selection of residences that illustrate the richness of the Moroccan style. This edition brings together an eclectic selection of homes to showcase the best of Moroccan wonders, complete with exclusive, inspiring photographs. An absolutely gorgeous collection of images that goes beyond the well-trodden tourist path and into people’s homes

Köln (Cologne), Germany: Taschen, 2003. Hardcover. Dark blue boards, dark blue and color.

Dust jacket, 278 pages., profusely illustrated in color.
Text is in English, French, and German.

Offers an "eclectic selection of homes that demonstrate all that is most wonderful about Moroccan style."