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Large Pichhavai Silk Hand Painting

A large Pichhavai painting depicting Krishna playing on a swing with a beautiful lady with female Gopis dancing and offering around them, great colors, the composition is enclosed in a lush green forest and the colors of the dresses in oranges play off against the vegetative forms, adding a lively pattern to the whole composition, with colorful peacock, worshipers and cattle.

Floral border stylized floral motifs on a beige rust ground.

Great composition, this amazing silk painting piece comes unframed.

Gouache on cloth.

Rajasthan Jaipur, Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Decorative Art. A picchawai is a temple hanging made for temporary use in a Pushti Marg shrine.

The Pushti Marg (Path of Grace) is a Hindu sect that focuses on the worship of Krishna.

Dimensions: H 44 in. x W 58 in. x D 0.001 in.