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Large Antique Moorish Micro Mosaic Inlaid Jewelry Box Hexagonal Shape

LLarge Middle Eastern Moorish style micro mosaic inlaid jewelry box with lid.
Intricate hexagonal shape inlaid box with geometric Moorish design.

I'm always astounded by the intricate workmanship of these boxes. The interior of the lid is also inlaid with woods and colored wood, the box itself lined with the original padded silk velvet.

A true gem that will make a perfect accent to any interior, modern, mid-century, antique or any combination.

In the classic movie 'Casablanca' there is an almost identical box on Rick's desk. The film is full of wonderful Moroccan antiques and decor.

Micro mosaic designs in mother of pearl inlay and marquetry, very fine artwork.
Museum piece like the ones in Doris Duke Islamic Art Museum.
Circa 1900
Dimensions: 12.5 in.L x 8.25 in.W. x 3.25 in. H.