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Islamic Art: the Past and Modern Nuzhat Kazmi Islamic Architecture Book

Islamic Art: the Past and Modern Nuzhat Kazmi
Published by Lustre/Roli Books (2009)
Lustre Press, 2009 - Islamic Architecture- 144 pages.
Hardcover book.
An exceptional copy, Particularly and surprisingly well-preserved; tight, bright, clean and especially sharp-cornered. 
Subjects: Islamic architecture --Islamic art
Islamic Art is a product of certain forceful factors that created a cultural milieu that was centered on the religious ethos and intellectual affinities inspired by Islam and its followers. No art can grow in isolation and nor did Islamic art. From its early manifestations to this date, it has taken from other cultural traditions and has also given to different social structures and visual languages of the world. This book looks at the artistic output of the Islamic civilization through the centuries, from the time of its inception to its interpretations in the contemporary world. The author has brought the inclusive as well as the exclusive qualities of this great tradition of the world with the empathy and seriousness that this unique art demands.
Large format 11.25" - 9.25" x 0.75.