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Indian Mughal School 17th Century Scene Painting on Silk Shah Jahan Son's

Indian Mughal style 19th century Indian painting scene of Maharajahs with period traditional costumes hunting on horse.
Indian Mughal School painting on silk Circa 1950.
Scene is of Emperor Shah Jahan's Three Sons: the sons of the Maharajah hunting on horse, Mughal School, Tempera, India, 17th Century.
Black lacquered mid century frame.
Size: 30" x 39.5".
Frame condition is poor please see pictures.
Painting is from the Mid 20 th Century.
The four sons of the Mughal Emperor , Shah Jahan, all laid claim to the throne when their father fell seriously ill in 1658. Each had considerable administrative experience and military skills, each commanded a considerable military force, and each had a loyal following. Dara Shikoh (1615-58), the eldest son, was resident at Shah Jahan’s court as the designated heir; Shuja was Governor of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa; Aurangzeb governed the Deccan; and Murad was Governor of Gujarat and Malwa.