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Hand Embroidered Flamenco Shawl by Alvaro Moliner, Spain

A gorgeous Spanish floral hand embroidered silk shawl with a long knotted fringe on all four sides.

This extraordinary wedding Flamenco silk shawl is completely hand embroidered, covered with amazing polychrome florals and foliage. Wonderful quality and embroidered to be completely reversible. Thick beige silk hand knotted fringe on all sides, Spanish origin.

These garments were frequently used as wedding gowns, shawls and evening wraps or piano shawl.

It takes 4 people working for more than 2.300 hours to make this shawl.

This garment still has the original tag.

New vintage with tag.

Size is 53" x 53" and the fringes are 19"5 on each side, which make it 72"5 x 72"5.