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Forts & Palaces of India Sentinels of History Hardcover Table Book

Forts & Palaces of India: Sentinels of History Hardcover
India has a rich cultural past and this is reflected in its innumerable forts, palaces and other monuments, which abound not only in architectural splendour but intriguing individual histories. This book takes a splendid tour of these structures through the whole of India, from Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the south. The architectural magnificence and luxury of these royal palaces are highlighted in the full-color pictures and detailed essays. Over 325 color photographs revel in the buildings' glorious details and special features, while vivid descriptions of each palace transport the reader back in time into a realm of truly royal experience. Encompassing the rich cultural heritage of India, these forts and palaces offer an authentic Indian experience to heritage lovers.
Length: 191 pages
Dimensions: 0.8" x 9.2" x 11.3".