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Burmese Kalaga Tapestry Framed in Acrylic Box

Large Burmese Kalaga tapestry framed in an acrylic custom box.

"Kalaga" is the name for embroidered tapestries from Burma.

They are traditionally made of linen, silk, velvet, and cotton, and adorned with stones, beads and sequins.

Vintage Mid-Century Burmese Kalaga tapestry with three large scenes of Thai dancers in the middle and two dancers on horses, six smaller scenes on the bottom.

Padded and textured with stones. Sequins and intricate Burmese threading. These masterpieces take months of hand-stitched embroidering to complete.

Custom Lucite box framed.

Please see last picture for a small damage on the corner top right.

Dimensions: H 36 in. x W 52 in. x D 3 in.