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Black and Gold Velvet Bindali Vintage Moroccan Caftan Maxi Dress Kaftan

The Bindalli henna dress is a garment made for special occasions such as weddings.
Bindallis were worn by the bride, and her female family and friends.
Marked by elaborate floral designs bindallis were decorated with dival embroidery, a technique in which metallic threads are applied to the ground fabric and stitched down rather than sewn into the fabric.
Most bindallis were long gown dresses, worn with matching slippers.
Elegant Moroccan Ottoman style caftan, velvet embroidered with Turkish gold threads design all-over.
This black maxi dress kaftan is embroidered and embellished with gold designs.
One of a kind custom wedding Moroccan Ottoman style gown.
The kaftan features a traditional neckline, with gently fluted embellished sleeves.
Nice example of the traditional Turkish and North African women wedding dress.
This luxury caftan is in perfect condition, dry cleaned and ready to wear.
This is an Ottoman style wedding gown with metallic embroidered.
The workmanship is incredibly fine.
It makes an extraordinary piece for framing and displaying on a wall.
Size large
Bust 42".
Waist 42".
Hips 48".
Across shoulders 18"5.
Sleeve length 21".
Center back length 57".
Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Prince worn this style of Kaftan when performing.