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Antique Moroccan Moorish Side Table with Octagonal Top and Mother of Pearl Inlay

Moroccan antique Moorish style side table with octagonal top and mother of pearl inlay.
19th Century North African octagonal occasional table.
A Moroccan Moorish style side table from the late 19th century, with mother-of-pearl inlay, metal and octagonal top, floral décor and carved base.
Graphically patterned and intricately inlaid with shell and mother-of-pearl in striking geometric pattern.
Detailed and edged in camel bone. Top center medallion with mother-of-pearl traditional Middle Eastern Moorish design.
The table features a mesmerizing octagonal recessed top, inlaid with floral motifs surrounding a petite rosette from which everything seems to radiate.
The octagonal body is adorned with a mother of pearl floral décor echoed from the top, followed by pierced carved motifs. The table is raised on carved legs visually connected to one another through carved flaming motifs.
Dimensions: Height: 19 in (48.26 cm)Diameter: 15 in (38.1 cm)