African Tribal Baluba Chief's Chair from Katanga

  • $4,500.00

Handcrafted by reknowed African sculptor Barnabé Berquin in Katanga Elisabethville.

Very sculptural mahogany root lounge African chair.

One of a kind African Tribal Baluba Chief’s reclining throne chair from Katanga.

The high backed chair is hand-carved from a single block of root wood.

They are especially carved for chiefs and are often referred to as chief's chairs, or thrones.

Baluba's Kasengo Niemo was the Chief on the1965s in Kamina.

Great museum Folk Art sculptural hand-carved chair.

On the top of the chair are two male carved heads.

Bought in Brussells Belgium, Museum collector piece from colonial African Art from the Congo Belge.

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