19th Century Silver Repousse Islamic Talisman Miniature Holder

  • $950.00

19th century three part, silver repousse, octagonal talisman miniature Koran case which would have stored select verses of the Koran Revelation considered to hold special protective powers.

A latch at the bottom opens the hinged box.

Decorated with Islamic calligraphy verses of the Koran.

This would have originally been worn often to protect a traveller leaving on a journey. The front lid and sides have very Fine extremely intricate, dense bands of calligraphic script. The roundel is etched with Koranic invocations in calligraphy and also on the eight sides.

It has two hollow tubular scroll containers also with rows of script. One tube is missing the top. The containers would have also held a miniature paper scroll containing a combination of prayers and Koranic verses.

Quran box: 2" x 1/3/4"

Scroll containers: 3 1/2"

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Material: Tested silver high grade.

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