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19th Century Middle Eastern Oversized Arabic Bedouin Copper Dallah Coffee Pot

19th century Middle Eastern Arabian oversized tinned copper Dallah coffee pot.

Huge oversized antique Dallah brass coffee pot hand-hammered and chased copper with riveted finish.

This Middle Eastern Dallah Arabic Bedouin coffee pot body is made of red tinned copper and brass.

It is intricately crafted with beautiful etched designs on the body, lid, and spout cover.

It is very large, measuring 21 inches tall and 21 inches wide from the tip of the spout to the widest part of the handle.

This large size Dallah is in good antique condition, though there are some small dents and wear marks and repair on the spout.

"Dallah have a distinctive form, featuring a bulbous body that tapers to a "waistline" in the middle and flares out at the top, covered by a spire-shaped lid topped with a tall finial and held by a sinuous handle. The most distinctive feature is a long spout with a crescent-shaped beak. This beak may be covered with a metal flap to keep the coffee warmer, but traditionally it is open to view the coffee as it is poured out".

Great decorative brass and copper folk art object.

Please view photos for added details and condition.

Size: 21 x 21" x 8" 5 diameter.

Unique brass decorative Islamic art object.