Zaiane Tribal Moroccan Rugs

We have a large selection of vintage Zaiane Tribal Moroccan Rugs. These flat weave rugs, also known as kilim carpets are handwoven by the Berber women of Zemmour and Zaiane in the Middle atlas of Morocco. The Berber women from the Middle Atlas, near Fez are known for their beautifully detailed weavings.This beautiful flat-woven kilims that are characterized by latticework, and reversibility, they are light, and used also as bed covers, wall decoration, curtains, wedding shawls and traditional costumes. As these Moroccan tribes live in a warmer climate than other tribes.The Moroccan textiles of the Middle Atlas are light and look more like blankets than rugs. They are used to cover sofas, as wall hanging, as curtain and bed cover. Because of the tribes relative isolation in rural, mountainous areas, these traditional organic textiles have preserved the ancient techniques and protective symbolism of their distant ancestors, handed down from mother to daughter. The designs not only heal and protect, but also tell the history of the tribe or the story of the weaver's life. In the High Atlas Mountain region, It is also a way to express their daily preoccupations and superstitions.For centuries the tribal people of Morocco's Atlas Mountains have passed down the delicate art of rug-weaving. In Northern Africa rugs are not only a practical asset to the home, they are an integral part of the culture. Hand-knotted rugs are the preferred gift of people of high social rank, and are also a traditional wedding gift.