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The Thousand and One Dances of the Orient 'French' Hardcover Coffee Table Book

The thousand and one dances of the Orient (French) hardcover - June 30, 2008
by Wendy Buonaventura (Author)
Publisher: Arthaud (1989)
1st Edition
Language:: French
Oriental dances from all angles
In this large-format 200-page book, the author introduces us to various styles of oriental dances, from different aspects and periods. A book that is full of illustrations.
The introduction provides us with a brief history of oriental dance with lots of illustrations.
The Echo of Distant Times discusses the meaning of the word dance and raks. The origins of dance in religious rites. I found that the author got off topic a lot, that there were sometimes too many details without a direct link.
In the Footsteps of the Gypsies tells about the origins of the Ghaziya or Ghawazi in the plural. We can see the place of dance through the centuries. The commonalities between various dances. It describes oriental dance by various poets and scholars throughout the centuries. It also talks about the Almées and the distinction between them and the Ghawazi. Then we see the relationship between oriental dance and Islam, as well as society. Despite a negative view of society towards dance, the author brings to it a positive vision imbued with freedom.
ARTHAUD, 1989. Hard cover. Near the fire, while the wood is consumed, a joyful dancer in veils of light, whose dance transforms the darkness into gold. Thus begins the work of Wendy Buenaventura who, in the course of 208 pages and many illustrations, shares with us her fascination for "the most eloquent of female dances with its lyricism obsessing its fire, its sensual movement similar to a kaleidoscope eternally changing". The magnificent illustrations in this book allow us to appreciate the wonderful source of inspiration that this discovery aroused. Art, fashion and spectacle will be forever influenced. And the reappearing passion for this dance with a so particular technique has given rise, in recent years.
This is a beautiful coffee table or library book.

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