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The Imperial Cities of Morocco, Les Villes Imperiales du Maroc French Table Book

Villes Imperiales du Maroc Table Book.
French language table book.
The Imperial Cities of Morocco, Les
Fez, Marrakech, Meknes and Rabat are the work of the six great dynasties which reigned over Morocco.
Since the 8th century, located at the heart of an empire extending at its peak over Andalusia and all of North Africa, these cities have served the power and prestige of their sovereign builders subjected to the tribulations of a history eventful, they were, according to successions and rivalries, protected, embellished or abandoned, even partly destroyed. Today their elaborate configuration and their refined architecture make them the jewels of Moroccan heritage at the confluence of Moorish Spain and the Arab East, a rich artistic tradition has developed there; mosques, madrasahs, palaces and gardens bear witness to exceptional know-how and rare virtuosity in terms of ornamentation.
Editor (s) Pierre Terrail
Author (s) Mohamed Métalsi , Cécile Tréal , Jean-Michel Ruiz
Release 09/15/1999
Nb. pages 208 
Printed in Italy.

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