Flatweaves Moroccan Textiles

Mosaik, Moroccan rug dealer in Los Angeles. We specialize in vintage Berber tribal kilims, we handpicked our Moroccan kilims and organic textiles directly from the Berber women of Morocco, we choose them for the quality of their organic wool and original designs. This stripes kilims are light and used as wall covering, floor covering but also as curtain, bed covers or for sofa upholstery. Our vintage Moroccan rugs are available for purchase or for rent, for photo shoot, movie set productions or Moroccan style party. When you buy a Moroccan rug, you not only own a beautiful floor covering, but also a little bit of history. For centuries the tribal people of Morocco's Atlas Mountains have passed down the delicate art of rug-weaving. In Northern Africa rugs are not only a practical asset to the home, they are an integral part of the culture. Hand-knotted rugs are the preferred gift of people of high social rank, and are also a traditional wedding gift.