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Anglo Indian Mother-of-Pearl Backgammon, Chess and Checkers Box with Game Pieces

Anglo Indian Mother-of-Pearl inlaid Backgammon and Chess, Checker Box complete with game pieces.
A large and rare Anglo Indian checker, chess and backgammon box, with a hinged lid that opens to a checker or chess board on the top, and a backgammon box in the interior.
This is a triple purpose game set which consists of both backgammon and chess and checkers.
A very fine and unusual Anglo- Indian Persian early 20th century gaming board for draughts, chess and backgammon with superbly etched borders and beautifully inlaid interior in very good condition.
With intricate and highly decorative mother of pearl and abalone shell inlay that creates this very special and highly collectable box.
The handcrafted backgammon board box is made of various exotic woods, mother-of-pearl, and bone inlays with micro mosaic inlay in intricate Moorish motif designs.
This hinged folding board is a piece of art and would be prized for it's craftsmanship and design covering both the inside and outside.
Amazing craftsmanship intricate marquetry in mosaic Moorish geometric pattern with fine precision makes it a true work of art. Stunning handcrafted this backgammon and checker game box is complete with chips and chess pieces.
Chess Pieces are 4 inches height for the King and 1.75 inches for the pawns.
Stunning mosaic Backgammon set featuring a traditional Middle Easter Persian Syrian Moorish style design and fine craftsmanship. 
A genuine work of art.
The set of backgammon pieces are included (made and added at a later date) the chess pieces are also newer and hand carved fine pieces made after original antique Anglo Indian chess pieces.
Would stand out in about any setting and a fun game to play.
Makes a great gift.
Closed the box measure 3.5" H x 10.25" x 20.25". Open the box is: 1.75 x 20.25" x 20.25".

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