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Moroccan Ceramics


Antique Moroccan ceramic vase hand made in Fez Morocco
Pottery from Fez

The city of Fez offers bright and amazingly designed and colored pottery.

Fez is one of Morocco's most beautiful cities. For over six centuries Fez has produced the finest Moroccan pottery.
Uniquely designed and colored ceramics with an Islamic influence renowned for the choice of cobalt oxide that permits to obtain every shade of blue.
A highly decorative ceramic greatly influenced by Moorish and Spanish culture.

View some of our ceramics vintage pieces, with intricate filigree work

Moroccan ceramic vase from Safi, hand made colorful ceramics
Moroccan ceramics from Safi

The beauty of the ancient and modern Safi ceramics

Safi ceramics are colorfully designed pottery.
These handmade pieces, combine a traditional look with a more contemporary design.
Safi pottery uses ancient production methods, to produce Moroccan modern style monochrome pottery.

The City of Safi had successive generations of craftsmen have each contributed to enriching
the historical pottery handicraft heritage by using their creativity and by improving it so much
that handicrafts have become an integral part of the Moroccan society.